Bulgarian Churches & Monasteries

The cradle of Bulgarian faith

Early Christian churches were built on Bulgarian lands even before Bulgarians converted to Christianity in the 9th century. The realistic style of painting of the frescoes of Boyana Church (UNESCO World Heritage site), world masterpieces dating back to 13th century, surpassed the Italian Renaissance by a century.

The hundred Bulgarian monasteries and churches have preserved the unique example of the Bulgarian iconography, icon-painting and wood-carving. All of them are part of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage of the past and cradle of faith.

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Formally known as the Monastery of Saint John of Rila, the world-famous Rila Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage site) is the largest and most beautiful Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria with original architecture and brilliant frescoes and iconostasis. A miniature model of Bulgaria’s most renowned cultural site, was added to the collection of the Mini-Europe park in Brussels in March 2009.

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Bachkovo Monastery, the second largest Bulgarian monastery, is treasuring the wonderful icon of the ‘Holy Virgin’ dating back to 1310.

The Troyan Monastery is not only our third largest but is unique with the rich paintings of both the interior and the exterior.

Amazing icons and woodcarvings can be seen in Rozhen Monastery, Preobrazhenski Monastery, Sokolski Monastery and many others…

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Bulgarian Art & Music Tours

Arts & Music Tours

Embark on one of our cultural tours across Bulgaria, around the historic heart of the Balkans, and explore the specialty highlights that this region of Eastern Europe is famous for. You will tour the remains of Bulgaria’s past glory, taken back in time to Bulgaria, Balkans and Europe in Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance… You will enjoy comprehensive sightseeing, having your private tour guide to share the wonders of Bulgaria with you. If you prefer a travel experience that offers insight, our specialty tours might just be what you are looking for.

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Thracian Tombs & Treasures

The Thracians – powerful and wealthy civilization

The Thracian gold and silver treasures are among the most famous Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage dating back to ancient times. These treasures are unique in their variety of shapes, figures and details. Watch our Bulgarian treasures impressions virtual tour (video clip, 03:20). Bulgaria is Europe’s earliest inhabited areas and the Thracians are among the first settlers in the Bulgarian lands. The Thracian civilization is evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds, uncovered tombs and treasures.

The Thracians believed in life after death. The Thracian kings and nobility were buried in monumental stone tombs together with their weapons, jewellery and even horses. Places for funeral rites honoring the deceased rulers, the imposing tombs also served as temples featuring grandiose sculptural and artistic decoration – Kazanluk and Svestari tombs (UNESCO Heritage sites). Excavations have revealed charming paintings and carved furnishings in the tombs chambers.

More than forty amazing burial tombs have been discovered in Thracian mounds in Bulgaria up to the present – evidence of Thracian funeral rites and burial services. There are over 1,000 mounds nestling in the Valley of the Thracian Kings – still keeping the secrets of the Thracian civilization…

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