Bulgarian Churches & Monasteries

Bulgarian Churches & Monasteries

The cradle of Bulgarian faith

Early Christian churches were built on Bulgarian lands even before Bulgarians converted to Christianity in the 9th century. The realistic style of painting of the frescoes of Boyana Church (UNESCO World Heritage site), world masterpieces dating back to 13th century, surpassed the Italian Renaissance by a century.

The hundred Bulgarian monasteries and churches have preserved the unique example of the Bulgarian iconography, icon-painting and wood-carving. All of them are part of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage of the past and cradle of faith.

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Formally known as the Monastery of Saint John of Rila, the world-famous Rila Monastery (UNESCO World Heritage site) is the largest and most beautiful Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria with original architecture and brilliant frescoes and iconostasis. A miniature model of Bulgaria’s most renowned cultural site, was added to the collection of the Mini-Europe park in Brussels in March 2009.

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Bachkovo Monastery, the second largest Bulgarian monastery, is treasuring the wonderful icon of the ‘Holy Virgin’ dating back to 1310.

The Troyan Monastery is not only our third largest but is unique with the rich paintings of both the interior and the exterior.

Amazing icons and woodcarvings can be seen in Rozhen Monastery, Preobrazhenski Monastery, Sokolski Monastery and many others…

Whether you look for a one-day tour to Rila Monastery, for example, or for a deep dive in a comprehensive tour of monasteries – in Bulgaria alone or on a combined itinerary with Romania, Albania, or else in the Balkans, please click here with your query.

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