Tours ‘Thracian Treasures’

The Thracian golden and silver treasures are part of the most famous Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage. These treasures are unique in their variety of shapes, figures and details.

Bulgaria is among Europe’s earliest inhabited areas and the Thracians are among the first settlers in the Bulgarian lands. The Thracian civilization is evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds, uncovered tombs and treasures.

The Thracians believed in life after death. The Thracian kings and nobility were buried in monumental stone tombs together with their weapons, jewellery and even horses.

Places for funeral rites honoring the deceased rulers, the imposing tombs also served as temples featuring grandiose sculptural and artistic decoration – Kazanluk and Sveshtari tombs (UNESCO Heritage sites). Excavations have revealed charming paintings and carved furnishings in the tombs chambers.

More than 40 amazing burial tombs have been discovered in Thracian mounds in Bulgaria up to the present – evidence of Thracian funeral rites and burial services. There are over 1,000 mounds nestling in the Valley of the Thracian Kings – still keeping the secrets and mysteries of the Thracian civilization…

Our luxury treasure tours will acquaint you with the homeland of the oldest civilization in Europe which has left us the oldest crafted gold in the history of mankind.

You will be very much impressed by the wealth of the Thracians, their monumental stone tombs and sanctuaries for ritual ceremonies, surrounded by a magnificent scenery.

Rich museum collections will help you feel the lifestyle of different civilizations from our 7,000 years of history.



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