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Can you imagine what fascinating cultural heritage and abundance of top archaeological and historical features can be found in Bulgaria? Enriching experiences that could change your life, innumerable stunning landmarks, travel hot spots and tourist attractions are awaiting you.

Specialist in custom travel, Cultural-Tours-Bulgaria creates one-of-a-kind luxury travel experiences – unforgettable, smooth and trouble free trips, the result of well-thought handcrafted planning, efficient organization and warm treatment, carefully designed for those who love cultural stories with insight from local experts with first-hand knowledge.

Over the centuries, many peoples have left their traces on our lands. Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Ottoman Turks have marked their culture, knowledge and wisdom. Numerous golden and silver treasures, rock relieves, fortresses, architectural ensembles, churches and monasteries prove history, faith, beliefs and fights of the people who have lived here since ancient times.

Drop in and discover the charm and beauty of different centuries and cultures, admire historical sights and see how traditions and religions have given Bulgaria its unmistakable face.

Get inspired by what our clients say, for example, “We were a little worried how a private tour in such exotic countries as Romania and Bulgaria would work out. We had never been to Eastern Europe and were a little concerned about being the only clients in a car with one or two strangers. Well… we needn’t have worried.

Or, the following cross-cultural reference: “I really like Bulgaria with the interesting architecture, Monasteries & the picturesque countryside from Rila to Bansko. It looked like a mini New Zealand.”

Tell us about the trip of your interest — we’ll arrange and make it a reality for you.

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